The Oh Wells

The Oh Wells are a duo of multi-instrumentalist artists, Brian Kerrigan and Ira Merrill. After meeting at an acoustic recording session for a fellow band in 2016, they began working together on Ira’s pop/rock endeavor, Hemlock Pop. From there, the band changed course during the pandemic and organically formed a joint project called The Oh Wells.

The Oh Wells – “You Know The Way Home”

While simultaneously working on their freshman offering, Ira and Brian released a Christmas EP entitled Satin Bows (And Arrows) with former Super Deluxe frontman, Braden Blake, under the moniker Braden Blake and The Oh Wells. The EP received positive reviews by Power Pop News and was featured on King 5’s Evening Magazine. Shortly after this Christmas collection, The Oh Wells released their debut EP entitled Dakota — an impressive showcase of their classic sound, filled with stunning harmonic folk, rock and Americana influences. Written, recorded, and produced by both Ira and Brian, the project was a clear demonstration of their musicianship. 

“There is a definite folk-rock backbone to this EP, but for me, it’s all about those gorgeous harmonies. Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, even a bit of Big Star come to mind.

The Oh Wells will disarm you with a simple melody right before a riptide of guitar takes you out to a sea of deep vocal harmonies.”

Don Farwell, Earwig Studio, Seattle

Brian is a singer and songwriter from Seattle Washington, playing solo in a variety of local folk and indie projects. A former US army veteran, he uses music as a platform of both personal expression and to tell stories about the world around him.

Ira is also a seasoned singer-songwriter and guitarist, formerly playing in bands such as Super Deluxe, Rain Light Fade, Hemlock Pop, and Common Heroes. Ira brings a mixed bag of uptempo pop influences with more sombre harmonic structured songs. He is known for his impressive lyricism and terrible dad jokes.

With growing recognition, Brian and Ira look to continue developing their presence and musical catalog. Fresh off the heels of their EP release, The Oh Wells released their first full-length album Alice in September of 2022.

“It’s like The Oh Wells have caramelized the pop portion of their previous sound on their new long-player Alice, sweetening the hooks and filling out the sound.”

poprock record

The band is rounded out by Steve Gale on drums, Jason Denney on bass and supported by other artists including Josh Celli, Jason Edwards, and Ken Stringfellow.