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“Brian and Ira began sending songs to each other over the internet and co-wrote over 20 songs. The focus of this project was to lean into their foundational influences (The Beatles, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, and Elvis Costello) and not over complicate.”

Band Interview, Psychedelic Baby Magazine

“The Oh Wells’ Alice is another one of those outstanding albums that make 2022 an extraordinary year for new music.”

power pop news

“It’s like The Oh Wells have caramelized the pop portion of their previous sound on their new long-player Alice, sweetening the hooks and filling out the sound.”

poprock record

“Merrill and Kerrigan share lead vocal duties and each performs admirably in that role. Here’s the big takeaway – just as with Super Deluxe and later Braden Blake & The Oh Wells, the songs are smart, catchy and the harmonies are spot on.”

power pop news

“There is a definite folk rock backbone to this EP, but for me, it’s all about those gorgeous harmonies. Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, even a bit of Big Star come to mind.

The Oh Wells will disarm you with a simple melody right before a riptide of guitar takes you out to a sea of deep vocal harmonies.”


“The Oh Wells are like Grandma’s country breakfast. Hearty, satisfying, and all day energizing!”

– Jason, Youtube comment


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